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What does windscreen replacement cost in the UK?

The windscreen is one of the most important car components, especially in terms of safety. It is therefore important to react quickly in the event of a cracked or chipped windscreen. Find out here what the average cost of a windscreen replacement is in the UK. Plus: Get free estimates for your car!

How much does windscreen replacement cost in the UK?

The average windscreen replacement cost ranges between £550 – £1,100 in the UK. The largest part of this, an average of £350 – £650, is spent on materials. This is mainly due to the complex manufacturing process for modern and stable windscreens.

ON AVERAGE: £550 – £1,100

For some car models, the costs can also be higher. While the material costs for old car models are significantly lower, modern windscreens are no longer a simple piece of glass. They have, for example, a heating system, several layers of glass or built-in displays.

The labour costs for a windscreen replacement are on average £200 – £400, which is also higher for modern vehicles than for old ones. This is because windscreens are almost always bonded nowadays, which adds time and effort to the replacement process. Below is an example of the cost of a front windscreen replacement on a Vauxhall Corsa. All figures listed here are incl. VAT, for guideline purposes only and may of course vary.

Example: Windscreen replacement cost – Vauxhall Corsa
New windscreen
Labour cost
Total cost


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Which factors influence the windscreen replacement costs?

The costs for windscreen replacement can vary greatly and are mainly made up of the following factors:

  • Hourly rate of the car garage
  • How urgent does your windscreen need to be fixed?
  • The price level of your region
  • Vehicle type and car brand
  • Age of the vehicle
  • Equipment such as heating system or built-in displays
  • Material costs for windscreen, sealant, glue etc.

When is a windscreen repair instead of a replacement possible?

A windscreen repair instead of a replacement is only possible if the windscreen is chipped and the spot is smaller than a £2 coin or 2.5 cm, is further than 10 cm from the window frame, does not affect visibility and is not deeper than 0.5 cm.

If dirt has gotten into the cracks, a repair is often also not an option. This is because a special resin is used to fill the damage. Impurities would otherwise remain in the pane.

The most important aspect in deciding whether to repair or replace the windscreen is always the road safety of the car. Whether a windscreen replacement can be avoided can ultimately be evaluated by the experts in the garage.

Important: If you have a chipped windscreen, react promptly

Even if the chip is smaller than a £2 coin, you should react immediately and have your windscreen repaired. This is the only way to avoid expensive subsequent damage and, above all, to maintain the necessary safety for driving.

What is the cost of repairing a chipped windscreen?

The cost is around £100 – £200 depending on the garage and region. Often a flat rate is provided for the repair of this type of damage. In most cases it doesnt matter how big the crack in the windscreen is.

What causes a chipped or cracked windscreen?

The windscreen is car part that is often affected by damage. Driving on the road swirls up pebbles that constantly hit the windscreen. This can lead to a chipped windscreen. It is even possible that the windscreen will crack at some point.

This often happens as a result of an accident, which does not even have to be particularly serious. Windscreens that are already chipped can even get seriously damaged by the pressure of the airstream or by vibrations.

What happens during windscreen replacement?

Nowadays, windscreens are almost always glued. This means that changing such a windscreen involves more work and time compared to old car models. The individual steps involved in replacing the windscreen are relatively simple, but require a high degree of skill, precision, experience and care. In addition, special tools are required for a windscreen replacement.

The most important steps in windscreen replacement are the following:

  • Removal of the windscreen-mounted unit for assistance systems
  • Removal of the broken windscreen
  • Cleaning and degreasing of the frame
  • Priming and gluing in the new windscreen
  • Drying time of up to one hour
  • Reassembly of the control unit and calibration of the assistance systems

Can I drive with a damaged / cracked windscreen?

As a general rule, you should not continue driving with a cracked windscreen. Even a small chip can cause the windscreen to crack at some point. A car with a cracked windscreen is no longer suitable for driving.

How long does the garage need to replace a windscreen?

The time required for the replacement depends on the car model and the garage. On average, however, a windscreen replacement takes 1 – 3 hours, with a maximum of half a working day. The garage can find out which type of windscreen is necessary for your car from the vehicle documents.

Due to the large number of car variants, it is not always the case that the windscreen you need is immediately available. For this reason, you need to plan one or two days in advance for ordering the right windscreen.

What is the difference between a windshield and a windscreen?

They are one and the same thing. The term windshield is more commonly used in North America, while in the UK we usually use windscreen.

Get free windcsreen replacement quotes for your area

Especially for windscreen replacement the prices vary between car models (and their age), region and car garage, sometimes significantly. In order not to pay too much, it is therefore always worthwhile to compare offers free of charge before you go to any garage.

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