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How much is the steering rack replacement cost in the UK?

If your car doesn’t steer as it should, there could be a problem with the steering rack. Find out what symptoms to look out for and the average steering rack replacement cost in the UK. Plus: Get free quotes!

What is the average steering rack replacement cost in the UK?

The average steering rack replacement cost in the UK is around £640-£1,640, although the cost can vary greatly. It depends on the design of the vehicle, the cost of replacement parts, the individual effort required for a change and the hourly rate of the garage.

ON AVERAGE: £640-£1,640

Depending on whether you choose a refurbished used part or a brand new steering rack from a brand manufacturer in original part quality, the material costs are usually between £400-£1,000.

The labour costs for removal and installation are around £240-£640, depending on how long the workshop takes and what the hourly rate is. On average this is around £60-£80, the steering rack replacement takes around 4-8 hours.

Car models where problems with the steering rack can occur are e.g. Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, VW Golf, Citroen C2 / C3 / C5, Audi A4, Peugeot 207 and many more. Below is a cost example for a Ford Focus for a better overview.

Example: Steering rack replacement cost – Ford Focus (UK)
Steering rack (original part quality)
Labour cost
Total cost

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What is a steering rack and what does it do?

The steering rack is located in the front of your car and is basically a device that converts the turning movement of the steering wheel into a longitudinal movement of the tie rods. These in turn are attached to the wheel by the tie rod end.

The steering rack pulls or pushes (depending on which direction you are going) on the wheel and adjusts it according to the desired direction of travel. Without a well-functioning steering rack, the front wheels of your car will not react as desired to your steering movements and the driving behaviour will be impaired, sometimes significantly.

What are signs and symptoms of a steering rack failure?

If the steering rack of your car has a failure, this will manifest itself through various symptoms. In particular, you will notice negative effects to the driving behaviour. Failure may be due to mechanical damage or leakage. Signs of damage to the steering wheel rack include these symptoms:
  • You hear a hammering or cracking noise when steering (when driving or when stationary)
  • Loud steering noises and high noise levels in general
  • You find a puddle of oil under the car
  • You can steer well to one side while the other side is blocked
  • It is more difficult to drive straight
  • You need more force to steer
  • The steering feels a little loose or wobbly

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should not hesitate and call for a workshop appointment to avoid any further risk.

Can I still drive with a faulty steering rack?

We recommend that you visit a garage as soon as possible. A steering rack failure can result in limited controllability of the vehicle, which greatly increases the risk of an accident. This poses a danger to you as well as to other road users. Therefore, at the first sign of a failure, visit a garage as soon as possible.

How long does the garage need for steering rack replacement?

Removal and installation usually takes between 4-8 hours on average. The exact time required varies between vehicle models and also depends on how many other components have to be dismantled for replacement.

Steering rack repair or replacement? What is better and cheaper?

Whether a steering rack repair is worthwhile or a replacement is necessary (and cheaper) depends on each case of damage. If several components are broken, the repair will cost more and will not be worthwhile.

Especially if the steering rack is leaking and the oil is leaking in several places, the repair is no longer cost-effective. The workshop then has to dismantle the entire steering rack. The effort is considerable and the costs for the repair can be very high. The steering rack replacement costs are often lower and therefore more worthwhile.

How to save on your steering rack replacement costs

As the cost of a steering rack replacement can vary from car to car and garage to garage, we recommend that you do a free quote comparison beforehand. This way you can compare prices, see reviews of garages and find the best deal in your city or region.

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