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How much does car window tinting cost in the UK?

Car window tinting has many benefits. Besides more privacy, tinted windows protect both passengers and the car’s interior from UV rays and help the car heat up less in sunlight and stay cooler (great in summer!). Find out here what laws apply and what the average car window tinting cost is in the UK.

What are the average car window tinting cost in the UK?

The average car window tinting cost in the UK is around £250-£500 if you want to tint all the windows of your car. The material costs for the film for rear and front side windows, as well as for rear and front windscreens are on average around £25-£50.

On average: £250-£500 for tinting all windows

The largest part of the cost is for installation. Both side windows (front/rear) and windscreens (front/rear) can be expected to cost around £150-£300 each. Since labour costs make up the largest part and the pure material costs are comparatively low, there are only slight price variations between most car models.

So whether you want to tint a Vauxhall Corsa, VW Golf, Ford Focus or BMW 3 series – the car window tinting prices will be quite similar. You will only notice a price difference if you want to tint cars with a very large window area, such as station wagons or buses (e.g. VW T5). Here, the higher material consumption becomes noticeable in terms of price.

Example: Car window tinting cost – BMW 3 series
Foil rear & front side windows
Foil rear & front windscreens
Fitting cost
Total cost

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What influences the car window tinting cost?

» How many and which windows do you want tinted?

Basically, the more windows you want tinted, the higher the car window tinting cost for your car.
» Size and type of your car

As mentioned above, the price difference is not very noticeable for most cars. However, if a vehicle with a larger window area, such as a small bus, is to be tinted, this will also be noticeable in terms of price, as more foil is needed.
» Quality of the foil

The higher the quality of the foil, the higher the price for window tinting. Window foils not only look smart, but can also protect the vehicle occupants from harmful UV rays and heat. There are various designs that darken to different degrees.

» The labour cost of the car garage

This will usually be the biggest cost. It is therefore, all the more important to find a workshop that offers good value for money.

What are the laws for car window tinting in the UK?

The law in the UK does not allow you to paint your car windows as dark as you wish. If you do not comply, you will be fined. The following laws must be observed:
  • Rear side windows: No restrictions
  • Rear windscreen: No restrictions
  • Front side windows: Only 30% tinting allowed, 70% of light must be able to pass through
  • Front windscreen: Only 25% tinting allowed, 75% of light must be able to pass through

How can I save on my car window tinting cost?

  • If you want to have more than one window tinting, you can always get a discount from a workshop if you have all your windows tinted at the same time.
  • Since car window tinting prices can vary from workshop to workshop and region to region, it's always worth doing a free price comparison beforehand to find the best value for money in your city.

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