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How much does a car respray cost in the UK?

A car respray can give a vehicle a new shine. The car respray cost in the UK varies greatly and depends on whether you want a full body respray or only individual parts such as the bumper, bonnet or door resprayed. Find out here what costs you can expect and how to save money. Plus: Get free quotes!

What does a car respray cost on average in the UK?

The average car respray cost ranges between £2,700 – £5,000 in the UK. This are the costs for a full body respray. While material costs are comparatively low at around £400 – £1,000, labour costs make up the largest part. On average, labour costs are around £120 – £150 per hour.


At least 15 hours are required for smaller cars such as VW Golf, Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Mini Cooper or Mazda MX5. A full body respray can take up to 30 hours. In this case the costs are significantly higher and costs of £9,000 are also not unusual.

It is much cheaper if only individual parts need to be resprayed, e.g. a bumper (from £400), wing (from £600), bonnet (from £500) or door respray (from £500). Minor scratches can be repaired for as little as £200 – £300.

Below is a cost example of a full body respray on a Vauxhall Corsa at a garage near London and a price list for various car resprays. All figures listed here are estimates incl. VAT and may of course vary.

Example: Car respray cost – Vauxhall Corsa
Material costs
Labour costs, 17 hours
Total cost
Price List – Car respray cost
Full body respray, small car
from £2,500
Full body respray, mid sized car
from £3,500
Full body respray, limousine
from £4,500
from £500
from £400
from £200
from £500
from £300
from £600


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What factors influence the car respray costs?

Having a full body respray is always individual and the price cannot be generalised as it depends on several factors. The total cost of a full body respray job is made up of the price of the material and labour costs. The labour costs make up the majority of the costs.

The following factors influence the cost of a car respray:

  • Type of respray: Fully body respray or partial respray such as the car door, bonnet, bumper or rim as well as the sill, wing mirror or mudguard
  • How big is the car?
  • Cost of disassembly and assembly
  • Cost of removing any dents that may be present
  • What type of paint is desired?
  • What attributes do you want the paint to have? Glossy, scratch-resistant, matt?
  • Are special effects needed, e.g. metallic or pearl effect?
  • Should the car also be painted from the inside?
  • Does old paint have to be removed first?
  • Extent of priming and filling work
  • Time required for rust removal
  • Time required for sanding and filling uneven surfaces

Can I respray my car myself and save money?

The cheaper alternative is to respray the car yourself. However, this requires special tools, sufficient space and, above all, the necessary expertise, for example about how far the sheet metal may be removed and how often the individual resprays must be applied. If you do not have this knowledge, it is better to go to a local garage for a car respray job.

Get free estimates and save on your car respray costs

Since a car respray is quite a cost-intensive workshop service and prices can vary greatly, it is worthwhile to compare prices beforehand by obtaining free estimates. This way you can compare prices and garage reviews and quickly and easily find the best value for money in your city.

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